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“Don’t you just love the feeling when you know it’s wrong, but you’re going to do it anyway?” - Azazeal

Azazeal seduced a series of women throughout the ages, dating from ancient Egypt to the present, but these women were usually killed by Ella Dee in order to stop the freedom of the Nephilim that his son's birth would signal.

Azazeal sacrifices Cassie Hughes' friend and roommate Thelma Bates, turning her into a ghost and releasing his power. Later he enters into a sexual relationship with Cassie and Cassie's teacher Jo, eventually turning her to his side. Through a series of demonic possessions, he conceives an heir, Malachi, with Cassie, and convinces the abortionist to put the child in his care at Christmas time.

After Cassie's death, Azazeal uses the mystical Stone of Belial to make Ella Dee relive her torture and execution, eventually causing her to lose her immortality and rapidly age to 500 or so years old, nearing death. He, an adult Malachi and Perie the "fairy" form a small alliance, before Azazeal is suddenly notified by higher powers that he is no longer to be Malachi's caregiver, replaced with Mephistopheles. He and Ella share a goodbye without trying to kill each other.

Mun is over 18, muse is well, over the age of 200.]

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